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Testing tool for Financial exchange interaction

Posted in Automated testing,Software testing,testing tool by testing in London on May 31, 2006

From Bobs Guide

Aegis Software have launched Version 6.2 of its software testing tool, Exchange Simulator. The testing tool now includes functionality for order & trade compatibility with the London Stock Exchange (LSE). It also features new interface support for ACT (equities) and TRACE (fixed income), the NASDAQ trade reporting interfaces.

"Exchange Simulator allows users to simulate both sides of a trade and thereby test all possible post-trade matching and reporting scenarios. London Stock Exchange support includes simulation of the native SETS interface, with full LSE authentication layer, market states and business rules provided.

Exchange Simulator offers simulation of over 20 trading destinations, including AMEX, ARCA, BBSS, BOX, BRUT, BTRD, CBOE, CME, INET, ISE, LAVA, NYFIX, NASDAQ, NYSE, PCX, PHLX and supports protocols including FIX, CMS, CTCI, QIX, OUCH, RASH and XML."

The Exchange Simulator testing tool allows many users to simultaneously test in their own separate testing environment. It also provides functional, regression, performance and compatibility testing scenarios which can be automated or run under manual control.

Financial sector terms for software testers

Posted in Software testing by testing in London on May 30, 2006

There is an interesting blog here which helps software testers understand terms used in the financial services and banking sector. The introduction is:

"One of the many challenges in developing and testing software in the Financial Services industry is that many developers and testers don't understand the business well enough to do their work effectively.This post answers frequently asked General Banking/Investment questions and should:

  • help testers (and developers) better understand this topic
  • help new group members get on board quickly
  • help all group members understand and use common terminology appropriately

Testers that understand this material should be able to design more effective test plans, test cases, and test data, which should result in detection of more significant business-related defects."

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Mobile phone testing

Posted in General by testing in London on May 29, 2006

From Vorno

Some time ago, you took part in a study at King's College London testing whether mobile phone signals have any short-term health effects. I am happy to say that we have now finished that research and I am writing to let you know what we found and to say thank you for taking part.

Read tbe blog or Mobile Health Blog for the full story.

Quality Assurance Appointment

Posted in General by testing in London on May 27, 2006

From London press releases at Response

Mike Watson has been appointed head of operations at Hawke International, the hazardout area electrical connection specialists whose products are vital to safety in gas hazardous areas in petrochemical industries.

Mike’s experience will strengthen the company’s drive for more efficient production to meet rising demand. An MSc graduate and member of the Institute of Quality Assurance, Mike brings to the post 26 years engineering experience. Much of this has been gained in defence and aerospace with companies such as BAe Systems and Gardner Aerospace. At BAe he was involved in the A320 programme and as the Assurance manager he was responsible for final QA and sign-off on completed wings.

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The London Games

Posted in General by testing in London on May 26, 2006

If you want to see a London Blog dedicated to testing you should check this one out.

Editor note (02/06/06): the blog entry that this linked to is no longer active. Perhaps they didn't like publicity.

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IPTV software platform

Posted in Software testing by testing in London on May 25, 2006

From vnunet

Microsoft and Alcatel have announced that they are extending the OEM argreement between Altacatel and IBM for their carieer-calss triple place/IPTV technology.

They will include IBM's xSeries and BladeCenter server and storage systems to improve support for the Microsoftw IPTV software platform. The partners have invested in performance testing and integration to develop IPTV solutions that help service providers reduce costs and improve performance.

Monika Maurer of Alcatel's said: "As the key services integrator and partner to many of the world's largest service providers seeking to deliver triple-play offerings, our customers rely on us for guidance across all areas of their projects."

Security tool to make surfing safer in Beta test.

Posted in security testing,Software testing by testing in London on May 24, 2006

There is an announcement out about a free tool which provides warning about the risks of what an unknown a website contains. This includes hidden malware such as trojans, viruses and spyware which can be covertly downloaded to your personal computer without you realising its happening. It also detects offensive or illegal content.
The application is from ScanSafe a specialist security company. You can try out the Beta test version at his Scandoo site.

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SAP Test Data Migration Server Announcement

Posted in Automated testing,testing tool by testing in London on May 23, 2006

SAP aanounced the global release of its SAP Test Data Migration Server software, a tool that allows clients to transfer data across SAP environments easily. It makes extracting data from a production system and populating a testing system simpler, supporting more rigorous business software application testing. It also helps create testing environments and training setups.

To build effective testing environemnts can require replicating all, or at least a significant portion, of a production system. This includes building testing data, which can be both expensive in time and hardware costs for storage and access. The SAP Test Data Migration Server automatically extracts and migrates suitable business and technical data for testing software applications. This can save considerable time and reduce the storage and access demands of the software testing environment.

Google call for presentations on automated testing for London conference

Posted in Events and improvement by testing in London on May 22, 2006

Googles have issued a call for presentations at their London Conference on Automated Testing, on this blog by Allen Hutchison, Engineering Manager

"Automated testing is one of my passions: it has hard problems to be solved, and they get harder every day. Over the past few years, I've had the opportunity to work on several automation projects, and now I'm getting a chance to combine my passion for automation with my love for the city of London.I'm happy to announce that Google will be hosting a Conference on Test Automation in our London office on September 7 and 8, 2006. Our goal is to create a collegial atmosphere where participants can discuss challenges facing people on the cutting edge of test automation, and evaluate solutions for meeting those challenges.

Call for Presentations
We're looking for speakers with exciting ideas and new approaches to test automation. If you have a subject you'd like to talk about, please send me email at that includes a description of your 60- or 90-minute talk in 500 words or less. Deadline for submissions is June 1.

We're planning to have 10 people give presentations at the conference followed by adequate time for discussion. If you'd like to attend as a non-speaker, watch this space. Once we've got a slate of speakers, we'll post it along with details on attending."

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BT announce upbeat results and new broadband services

Posted in Software testing by testing in London on May 21, 2006

From Light Reading

London: BT executives struck out at its critics, doubters, and rivals as the carrier reported better than expected financials and an upbeat outlook.

The carrier's fourth-quarter revenues were up 7 percent year-on-year to £5.1 billion and full financial year (to March 31) revenues were up 6 percent to £19.5 billion. Full-year profits before tax and specific items were up 5 percent at £2.2 billion.

And as before, revenues from so-called "new wave" services — broadband, IT and managed services to large corporate customers, and mobility — grew in the fourth quarter, this time by 28 percent to £1.85 billion, representing more than a third of the period's total revenues.

Looking further ahead, Verwaayen said early 2008 would see the beginning of the U.K.-wide migration of customers onto the new network, and launch of next-gen broadband services based on ADSL2+ technology, following a six-month broadband testing and development process in the second half of 2007

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