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Launch of integrated test development environment

Posted in Automated testing,Software testing,testing tool by testing in London on June 30, 2006

From Yahoo Finance

The Fanfare Group today formally announced the company’s formation and launched FanfareSVT, an integrated test development environment with a unified approach for rapidly building test cases and automating the equipment Quality Assurance (QA) process.

Fanfare aim to revolutionise the way high-tech equipment vendors manage product development cycles. By combining test development, execution, documentation, and automation into a single step, the company offers a test automation solution for validating the functionality of high- tech equipment. Using the FanfareSVT(TM) family of products, quality assurance teams improve customer satisfaction and reduce QA costs.

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PC reliability improvement

Posted in General by testing in London on June 29, 2006

A new Gartner report “Benchmarking PC Hardware Reliability” reveals that the hardware annual failure rates (AFRs) for PCs has dropped by around 25 percent over the past two years. But its not all good news. Notebook AFRs remain high in the 15 to 20 percent range throughout their lifetime.

From echannelline

“Some measures that the smartest PC vendors have implemented to improve reliability include: Increasing design and system testing; increasing component qualification; raising the penalty to component suppliers for component failures; and performing overall system tests during repair incidents to spot and fix any imminent problems before they can cause further failures.”

“Gartner said some of the steps users can employ to reduce failure rates include performing due diligence on PC vendor quality assurance programs and AFRs as part of the vendor selection process, verifying the PC vendor’s escalation and problem resolution processes, and checking with PC vendor reference accounts on reliability; and establishing query and reporting capabilities within internal help desk, asset management and support systems to extract hardware failure rate data by model and failure type.”

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Regression testing introduction

Posted in Automated testing,Software testing by testing in London on June 28, 2006

From Webpronews there is a good introduction to regression testing:

“Regression testing is any type of software testing which seeks to uncover regression bugs. Regression bugs occur whenever software functionality that previously worked as desired stops working or no longer works in the same way that was previously planned.”

It also introduces the role of automated testing tools:

Although this may be done through manual testing procedures using programming techniques, it is often done using automated testing tools, frequently, a ‘test suite’, software tools that allows the testing environment to execute all the regression test cases automatically; some projects even set up automated systems to automatically re-run all regression tests at specified intervals and report any regressions.

Common strategies are to run such a system after every successful compile (for small projects), every night, or once a week.Regression testing is an integral part of the extreme programming software development methodology.

In this methodology, design documents are replaced by extensive, repeatable, and automated testing of the entire software package at every stage in the software development cycle.”

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First in the world: UK DAB radio station testing music download as you listen service.

Posted in General by testing in London on June 27, 2006

From London (Reuters):

British consumers are set to be the first in the world able to buy songs instantly as they listen to them on digital radio, using a download service announced on Monday by UBC Media.

The London-based radio programming producer said it would begin testing the technology on Chrysalis Group’s Heart station, with plans for a full roll-out by December.

It added that digital-radio-enabled mobile phones would be available later this year.

Korean handset makers LG and Samsung Electronics have said they expect 500,000 such phones in the UK over the next 18 months and about 10 million by the end of the decade, according to UBC Chief Executive Simon Cole.

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Disaster recovery checklist for modern threats

Posted in General,Software testing by testing in London on June 26, 2006

An interesting article on Disaster Recovery and dealing with modern threats. This extract looks at a checklist for DR planning.


  • Identification and classification of potential disasters.
  • Options for either the reduction of probability or elimination of the threat.
  • Identification of mission critical business operations that if not performed would cause significant impact to the organization.
  • Identification of the resources (personnel, facilities, technology, communications, etc. required to support mission critical business operations during a disaster mode of operation.
  • Identification, evaluation and selection of recovery alternatives and strategies to support mission critical business operations.
  • Development of action oriented recovery and restoration plans to support mission critical business operations and restore all business operations back to normalcy.
  • Development of on-going maintenance and testing procedures for the contingency plan."

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Original software testing tools now available in Nordic market.

Posted in Automated testing,Software testing,testing tool by testing in London on June 25, 2006

From PRnewswire
Original Software, a provider of automated software testing tools, have announced that all of their IBM series automated testing solutions are now available to the Nordic market through SOSY, an IT and services company.

Original Software Group offers advanced test planning, defect tracking, data extraction, automated rules-based testing and reporting solutions.

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PITO gain ISO 9001 certification

Posted in Events and improvement,General by testing in London on June 24, 2006

From eGov monitor 

The Police Information Technology Organisation (PITO) has been formally certified for ISO 9001. Certification follows an audit carried out by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance (LRQA) of PITO's Business Management System against the requirements of ISO 9001.

ISO 9001 certification is an external validation of PITO's business practices and procedures, which will help it to make the transition into the National Policing Improvement Agency (NPIA) in 2007. The accreditation will also ensure PITO continues to improve the service it provides to its customers. Next week, PITO's existing Information Security policies and procedures will also be audited against the requirements of BS7799.

Philip Webb, PITO CEO, said: "PITO has succeeded in making significant improvements to its business processes and practices in order to gain ISO 9001. These improvements will be to the benefit of our customers as we continue to deliver our 2006/7 business plan and £500 million programme of work."

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Microsoft testing on two fronts

Posted in Events and improvement,General,Software testing,testing tool by testing in London on June 23, 2006

Here are two contrasting stories about Microsoft activities today.

The first is an information security competition they have started in India called Bug Bash 2006. If you want to take part visit this site to register. It states that all you have to do is:

“…Bugs, Glitches, Startup problems, Dual Boot Issues, Hardware conflicts, Driver Problems, Networking Problems, Mail Client problems, Anti-Virus problems, Software & Hardware Compatibility Issues, Video playback errors, Codec issues etc…”

 If you get through the screening rounds you will be invited to find bugs in Microsoft Windows Vista, which is expected to ship later this year. Looking at previous releases of Microsoft software there should be plenty there to find.

The second story is about a firewall testing website that has created a tool aimed at stopping Microsoft’s WGA tool from regularly sending information about a PC’s setup back to Microsoft.

In The Register the company, FirewallLeakTester, is quoted as saying:

“Microsoft used deceptive ways to make you install this tool (it was told you it was an urgent security update, whereas it is a new installation giving you no extra security) makes me calling this tool a spyware.”

So whether you think Microsoft is a benign or malign influence on the IT market you can’t deny it’s stimulating interest in testing.

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Symantec testing Web-security service

Posted in General,Software testing by testing in London on June 22, 2006

From Reuters

"LONDON (Reuters) – Symantec Corp. said on Wednesday the release of its new Web-based security service would depend on response to user trials and would be held back if required tweaks meant it would miss the key holiday period in the United States.

The firm said it would also announce details of its product, which aims to give online users better protection from cyber criminals when paying bills and buying and selling over the Internet, next week."

"Salem also said the firm would unveil details of its yet-to- be-named transaction security offering on Monday, which it hopes will restore the public's wavering confidence in filling in personal and bank details online.

"53 percent of people have stopped giving information online and 14 percent have stopped paying bills online … We think we have answered a lot of people's questions."

Salem said the product would provide a much better protection than existing offerings.

"Anyone can create a list (of bogus and fraudulent Web sites and e-mail addresses) but lots of new sites are created every day."

"This will be able to recognise the characteristics of these types of sites in real-time and it will also be able to authenticate sites so people can be sure they are actually on their bank's site," he added."

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Neglecting quality in application development

Posted in Events and improvement,Mistakes,Software testing by testing in London on June 21, 2006

From Compuware

London – Research from Compuware has revealed that European organisations are neglecting quality in application development. 78% of companies are failing to consistently apply a formal quality assurance (QA) methodology. It is therefore unsurprising that almost half (49%) of these organisations have not applied a quality programme like CMM or Six Sigma to their development procedures, in order to drive continuous quality improvement. The negative impact of not implementing a quality programme is widespread inconsistency, with 44% stating that quality was managed at a departmental level and that different methodologies were being implemented.

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