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Beta testing – benefit from the bug finding

Posted in Software testing by testing in London on June 12, 2006

From Computerworld NZ

Advice for beta testers
Beta tests are not something to enter into lightly. You may need to put lower priority projects on hold or delay other projects by a few days or even weeks. “It’s a strain because you still have to get the other work out, so you’re working lunches and overtime,” Barton says. So, if the beta test is low-reward or other high-visibility projects are going on, or you don’t have a test environment prepared, don’t do it, says Barton.

Negotiate everything upfront
If you want the names of support people or other terms of agreement, make sure you do it upfront and in writing. “You can’t just pretend your previous agreements don’t exist anymore,” Barton says. “It has to be done legally and in an organised manner.” And, while financial incentives can be issued, be sure you get a commitment before you go into testing, when you still have leverage, he says.

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