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Symantec testing Web-security service

Posted in General,Software testing by testing in London on June 22, 2006

From Reuters

"LONDON (Reuters) – Symantec Corp. said on Wednesday the release of its new Web-based security service would depend on response to user trials and would be held back if required tweaks meant it would miss the key holiday period in the United States.

The firm said it would also announce details of its product, which aims to give online users better protection from cyber criminals when paying bills and buying and selling over the Internet, next week."

"Salem also said the firm would unveil details of its yet-to- be-named transaction security offering on Monday, which it hopes will restore the public's wavering confidence in filling in personal and bank details online.

"53 percent of people have stopped giving information online and 14 percent have stopped paying bills online … We think we have answered a lot of people's questions."

Salem said the product would provide a much better protection than existing offerings.

"Anyone can create a list (of bogus and fraudulent Web sites and e-mail addresses) but lots of new sites are created every day."

"This will be able to recognise the characteristics of these types of sites in real-time and it will also be able to authenticate sites so people can be sure they are actually on their bank's site," he added."

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