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Disaster recovery checklist for modern threats

Posted in General,Software testing by testing in London on June 26, 2006

An interesting article on Disaster Recovery and dealing with modern threats. This extract looks at a checklist for DR planning.


  • Identification and classification of potential disasters.
  • Options for either the reduction of probability or elimination of the threat.
  • Identification of mission critical business operations that if not performed would cause significant impact to the organization.
  • Identification of the resources (personnel, facilities, technology, communications, etc. required to support mission critical business operations during a disaster mode of operation.
  • Identification, evaluation and selection of recovery alternatives and strategies to support mission critical business operations.
  • Development of action oriented recovery and restoration plans to support mission critical business operations and restore all business operations back to normalcy.
  • Development of on-going maintenance and testing procedures for the contingency plan."

Disaster recovery testing

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