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PC reliability improvement

Posted in General by testing in London on June 29, 2006

A new Gartner report “Benchmarking PC Hardware Reliability” reveals that the hardware annual failure rates (AFRs) for PCs has dropped by around 25 percent over the past two years. But its not all good news. Notebook AFRs remain high in the 15 to 20 percent range throughout their lifetime.

From echannelline

“Some measures that the smartest PC vendors have implemented to improve reliability include: Increasing design and system testing; increasing component qualification; raising the penalty to component suppliers for component failures; and performing overall system tests during repair incidents to spot and fix any imminent problems before they can cause further failures.”

“Gartner said some of the steps users can employ to reduce failure rates include performing due diligence on PC vendor quality assurance programs and AFRs as part of the vendor selection process, verifying the PC vendor’s escalation and problem resolution processes, and checking with PC vendor reference accounts on reliability; and establishing query and reporting capabilities within internal help desk, asset management and support systems to extract hardware failure rate data by model and failure type.”

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