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Testing: facing the music

Posted in General,Software testing by testing in London on July 31, 2006

For those who don’t get enough of testing there is an opportunity to relax watching Testing the musical. It doesn’t look like it’s really about Software Testing but given its name that can be forgiven. According to this review it

features the score of a composer whose music is “appealing as hell,” says Charles Strouse, the composer of Broadway hits “Annie” and “Bye, Bye Birdie.”

I think that means great rather than hellish (how appealing is hell?), but like all good testers you’ll probably want to see the product (or at least listen to it) before you give a view. So you’ll be pleased to know you can order a copy of the sourndtrack at the review site above.

Alternatively you could enjoy a software testing book. Take your pick.

November 2007 for UK faster payments service

Posted in General,Software testing by testing in London on July 30, 2006

From  Finextra

Rule Financial, the London-based business and IT consultancy, today announced a formal partnership with leading global payments systems provider, Dovetail Systems.

Dovetail has named Rule Financial as a certified implementation partner to oversee systems integration, testing and training for the Dovetail Faster Payments Solution, in preparation for live operation of the UK Faster Payments Service. The Faster Payments Service, announced by the UK banks under the umbrella of APACS (the UK trade association for payments and for institutions that deliver payment services to customers), will offer near real-time clearing of internet and telephone banking payments and standing orders for UK accounts. It is scheduled to go live in November 2007.

The Dovetail Faster Payments Solution is based on industry standards, Java and ISO messaging (20022 and 8583), and provides the common payment processing and communications functions to enable banks to effectively manage business flows between internal systems and the Faster Payments Central Infrastructure.

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First 50′ Chromira printers arrive in London

Posted in Events and improvement,General,Software testing by testing in London on July 29, 2006

From Printing Talk:

Four Graphics in London (UK) is to take delivery of the first 50′ Chromira 5x printer in the UK. Allan Ashman, managing director at Chromira UK distributor Atech, said: ‘Following the successful installation of the first 30′ Chromira 5x at Loftys in High Wycombe, we’re delighted to announce the first 50′ UK install at Four Graphics.

The 30′ Chromira 5x installation went so well we haven’t been back since.’ He added: ‘This is testament to the research and rigorous testing that we put all our machines.”

However, Chromira manufacturer ZBE Incorporated now also provides laboratories with a path to greater digital growth.

If the Chromira 30 is chosen, not only will users receive the benefits of the printer’s imaging, they will also get an affordable upgrade path to the speed and extra productivity of Chromira 5x imaging technology.

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BT testing 21CN in IP trial

Posted in General,Software testing by testing in London on July 28, 2006

From Electronics Weekly

BT’s testing of its Internet protocol (IP) based communications network has moved a step forward with more than 23 million customer calls successfully carried over a trial network. “In this latest trial stage of the 21st Century Network (21CN) programme, more than 625,000 live customer calls are currently being handled every day,” said BT.

The trial involves the use of an IP link to carry voice calls between two major network nodes at Cambridge and Woolwich. The significance of the new network is that calls are carried using IP packet technology rather than the circuit switched technology used on the traditional analogue telephone network.The next stage of the network roll-out will depend on equipment upgrades, and according to BT this stage has already started with the necessary access nodes from Huawei and Fujitsu in use, carrying voice services onto the core network from trial customer lines.

The trial is set to be completed ahead of the first stage of mass customer migration to the IP network.

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FAT for London Heathrow express extension

Posted in Acceptance testing,General,Software testing by testing in London on July 27, 2006

From UKPRWire

BAA Heathrow Airport Ltd’s Rail and Tunnels team selected Firstco, the technical consultancy, project management and systems integration specialists, to implement the Control & Communications systems for the extension of the London Heathrow Express rail service into the new Terminal 5 at London Heathrow. This Terminal is scheduled to open in March 2008.

Firstco’s six-strong project team is currently working on designing, building and testing the PLC and SCADA systems that are used to control the new Terminal 5 assets. These include extensions to the existing Tunnel Control systems for Tunnel ventilation, fire, train information, public address, CCTV and utilities.

The contract requires Firstco to hand over the new sub-systems following factory acceptance testing. In addition, elements of the system must meet SIL2 safety levels.

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HP buys Mercury Interactive for £2.5 billion

Posted in Events and improvement,Software testing,testing tool by testing in London on July 26, 2006


Speculation has been widespread for many months and yesterday it was announced that software testing tools specialist Mercury Interactive has been acquired by HP.

HP today announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to purchase Mercury Interactive Corp., a leading IT management software and services company, through a cash tender offer for $52.00 per share, or an enterprise value of approximately $4.5 billion, which is net of existing cash and debt.

Upon closing, the acquisition will establish HP’s portfolio of IT management software and services as the clear choice for companies seeking to optimize the value that IT brings to business.

“Today, we are combining two market-leading businesses to create the most powerful management software portfolio in the industry,” said Mark Hurd, HP chief executive officer and president. ”Together, they will help customers cut their IT costs, speed the delivery of new services and drive profitable growth at HP. We expect this important acquisition to deliver significant value for our shareholders.”

The transaction brings together the strength of HP OpenView systems, network and IT service management software with Mercury’s strength in application management, application delivery, IT governance and service-oriented architecture governance. This combination provides customers with the industry’s most robust suite for optimizing, automating and aligning IT services with business needs.

“HP’s software strategy is to be the clear leader in end-to-end enterprise IT management and help our customers tightly align IT priorities with changing business requirements,” said Thomas E. Hogan, senior vice president, Software, HP. “Combining our HP OpenView offerings with Mercury’s BTO Enterprise offerings will integrate the many building blocks of enterprise IT management into one complete solution for the entire IT lifecycle, from planning through to deployment and operations. Mercury is a results-driven, high-performing company with outstanding people that will be a strong addition to HP.”

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Zero Impact Security Testing webinar

Posted in Events and improvement,security testing,Software testing by testing in London on July 25, 2006

From Market Wire

Cenzic, Inc. and Software Test & Performance are presenting on online training event on how to integrate security testing into the software development lifecycle. The webinar, entitled “Best Practices for Zero Impact Security Testing,”, is scheduled for Thursday 27th July at 6.00 pm (London time). You can register for the event at

In response to the daily emergence of new vulnerabilities in web applications, Malpani (CTO of Cenzic) will examine how to incorporate “Zero Impact Security Testing” best practices into the software development lifecycle via cost-effective outsourced services. He will address techniques that allow managers and senior staff to integrate security testing into their software without pushing back deadlines, alleviating the need to hire more testers and developers, modify requirements or sacrifice product quality to meet new security objectives.

Malpani has extensive knowledge in the area of computer security. As the founder of ValiCert, Inc. he was responsible for product development, architecture and standards efforts and was accountable for doing the first port of the Apache web server to Windows NT. He has worked extensively at IETF and is responsible for both the Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) and Simple Certificate Validation Protocol (SCVP).

“Keeping informed about security best practices is crucial in staying abreast of not only technical issues but also those that might have a big-picture impact in terms of balancing staffing, budgetary and time constraints,” said Vereen. “With so much riding on web-based communication and data exchange, it is more important than ever to bake security into the development lifecycle and to help development teams effectively manage complex projects within the context of an ever-evolving security threat landscape.”

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Software testing and finance 2006 exhibition

Posted in Events and improvement,Software testing by testing in London on July 24, 2006

The Testing and Finance 2006 exhibition takes place on 11th and 12th September 2005 at t the International Congress Centre Bundeshaus Bonn, ther former German Bundestag.

For many years the financial services sector has been subjected to the intensive stress of competition and new regulation, which have had a significant effect of the cost structures and service. These changes are delivered principally through the implementation of new software and essential upgrades which have introduced additional operative risks for financial service provider. The cost of a serious defect emerging in a poorly tested system is high. Therefore financial institutions have had to focus more on software quality management and software testing to be competitive in the long-term.

The Testing and Finance exhibition is the first event of this kind in Germany, which has been specifically designed for the environment of software testing and quality assurance.
For further information visit The Testing and Finance exhibition organiser’s site

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Acceptance testing and its place in a Wi-Fi roll-out

Posted in Acceptance testing,Software testing by testing in London on July 23, 2006

From Wi-fi Planet

Many cities and towns are currently rolling out Wi-Fi networks to provide connectivity across wide areas. Typical applications that depend upon such systems include wireless meter readers, public safety systems and travelling business people.

To succeed in these projects its important to follow a proven method that combines a dependable project development approach with elements that apply to wireless systems. The key steps in such a method are:

  • Requirements Definition. The deployment of any citywide wireless network should begin with a careful analysis of requirements.
  • Business Analysis. With requirements well understood, it’s time to look at the return-on-investment (ROI) potential of the system once it’s installed.
  • Pre-Installation RF Survey. Citywide wireless systems operate mostly outdoors, and it’s very important to know what’s lurking there before getting too serious about moving forward with the deployment.
  • Mounting Asset Assessment. Citywide Wi-Fi networks have mesh nodes that installers distribute throughout the city by mounting them on street lights and traffic light poles.
  • System Design. This is a step that depends highly on requirements. A city will likely need to work with a wireless integrator, selected through a bidding process, in order to fully realize a solution.
  • Acceptance Testing. After the integrator installs the system and deems it ready for use, the city should independently perform acceptance testing to determine if the system fully meets contracted requirements. This means conducting tests that verify compliance with signal coverage area, performance, security and operational support. This step is crucial to ensure that the system fully meets requirements and avoids future legal action between the city and the integrator.

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Blogging system beta test expected to be expanded

Posted in General,Software testing by testing in London on July 22, 2006

From Primezone

LONDON, Quantech Electronics Corp., software developer for marketing communications, announced today that Quantech expects to expand the order from S.M.A.R. Infrastructure for the beta version of Quantech’s new blogging and behavioral model systems to additional construction product manufacturers.


“Implementing the beta tests in a broad range of markets is an excellent source of important feedback from our clients who use this new system in different marketing missions. Our clients will benefit from the state-of-the-art technologies that went into the development of this advanced marketing system, and will very quickly reap concrete results in their marketing campaigns using our new system. The final version of the system will be released by the end of the year, and will include several additional developments, as well as the conclusions from the beta tests,” says Liat Matilsky, CEO of Quantech.

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