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IntelligEnt suite performance success in Oracle scalability testing

Posted in Load testing,Software testing by testing in London on July 1, 2006

From TMCnet:

Fiserv Customer Centered Solutions announced that its IntelligEnt suite scales efficiently and delivers high performance levels for financial institutions of all sizes. The high-volume performance and scalability testing, conducted with Oracle, focused on the architecture of the IntelligEnt suite, a web-based sales force management, service and business process management solution.

The testing results are anticipated to create more demand for IntelligEnt, making it more appealing. To achieve the necessary level of scalability, the company relied heavily on the Real Application Clustering component of Oracle 10g’s Grid Computing solution. The results demonstrated that by simply adding industry standard hardware, the application scaled linearly.

The testing also returned other improvements, including better end-user performance and reduced system resource requirements. These results validated that the CCS solutions will be attractive to large organizations while improving the cost effectiveness of the product for clients of all sizes, including credit unions and commercial banks.

The performance testing approach included the execution of sales and service scenarios that matched real-world activities, including peak volume spikes and cross-departmental interactions.

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