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BT testing 21CN in IP trial

Posted in General,Software testing by testing in London on July 28, 2006

From Electronics Weekly

BT’s testing of its Internet protocol (IP) based communications network has moved a step forward with more than 23 million customer calls successfully carried over a trial network. “In this latest trial stage of the 21st Century Network (21CN) programme, more than 625,000 live customer calls are currently being handled every day,” said BT.

The trial involves the use of an IP link to carry voice calls between two major network nodes at Cambridge and Woolwich. The significance of the new network is that calls are carried using IP packet technology rather than the circuit switched technology used on the traditional analogue telephone network.The next stage of the network roll-out will depend on equipment upgrades, and according to BT this stage has already started with the necessary access nodes from Huawei and Fujitsu in use, carrying voice services onto the core network from trial customer lines.

The trial is set to be completed ahead of the first stage of mass customer migration to the IP network.

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