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First 50′ Chromira printers arrive in London

Posted in Events and improvement,General,Software testing by testing in London on July 29, 2006

From Printing Talk:

Four Graphics in London (UK) is to take delivery of the first 50′ Chromira 5x printer in the UK. Allan Ashman, managing director at Chromira UK distributor Atech, said: ‘Following the successful installation of the first 30′ Chromira 5x at Loftys in High Wycombe, we’re delighted to announce the first 50′ UK install at Four Graphics.

The 30′ Chromira 5x installation went so well we haven’t been back since.’ He added: ‘This is testament to the research and rigorous testing that we put all our machines.”

However, Chromira manufacturer ZBE Incorporated now also provides laboratories with a path to greater digital growth.

If the Chromira 30 is chosen, not only will users receive the benefits of the printer’s imaging, they will also get an affordable upgrade path to the speed and extra productivity of Chromira 5x imaging technology.

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