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Empirix testing solutions introduced to Germany

Posted in Software testing book,testing tool by testing in London on October 31, 2006

From Market Wire

Empirix, which helps organizations adopt complex communications solutions with confidence, announced today that it has introduced its award-winning Hammer solutions for VoIP and IMS testing to the German market.

For more than a decade, Empirix has been involved in testing a variety of complex technologies before they hit the general market. Today, all of the world’s Top 10 Network Equipment Manufacturers (NEMs) and virtually all Next-Generation service providers use Empirix’s Hammer solutions to ensure the performance of their devices, networks and services. Over the years, the company has helped these customers successfully transition through all the large communication technology waves, including TDM, IVR, CTI, NGN, VoIP — and now IMS. In addition, Empirix has received numerous awards for its Hammer technology, including Product of the Year from Internet Telephony and Communications News magazines, and Product of the Year from research firm Frost & Sullivan.

Empirix’s Hammer portfolio includes:

  • Feature and functional testing for verifying new VoIP and IMS services;
  • Load and stress testing for guaranteeing network scaleability;
  • Infrastructure device emulation tools that enable multi-vendor interoperability tests;
  • Network simulation tools that mimic real world and worst case network conditions; and
  • Call analysis for diagnostics and troubleshooting in complex network environments.

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Rabobank chooses integrated test tool suite

Posted in Software testing,testing tool by testing in London on October 30, 2006

From Yahoo Finance

Mercury Interactive has announced that The Rabobank Group, a global provider of financial services, selected Mercury BTO Enterprise(TM), the industry’s first integrated suite of BTO offeringsm, to help optimise efficiency, and improve the level of service to its customers while increasing profits.

Rabobank Group’s ambition is to be the largest and most innovative all- finance service provider in the Netherlands. Rabobank’s IT group has embarked on an initiative to professionalize its services and improve efficiency. As a long-time user of MercuryTestDirector(TM) and Mercury LoadRunner(TM) for quality and performance testing, Rabobank selected Mercury Quality Center(TM), Mercury Performance Center(TM) and Mercury Business Availability Center(TM), all strategic parts of Mercury BTO Enterprise, to help them manage quality and performance throughout the application lifecycle.

The combination of Mercury Quality Center, Mercury Performance Center and Mercury Business Availability Center helps Rabobank verify that application performance will meet business requirements and mitigate the risk and cost of application downtime. These offerings help Rabobank test, diagnose and manage application performance from pre-production through production.

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Agile testing suite supports Linux

Posted in Software testing by testing in London on October 29, 2006

From Linux Devices

S2 Technologies has revised its OS- and compiler-agnostic embedded software test and verification package. Stride 2.0 adds enhancements for multi-seat deployments, and can be used to exercise, test, and verify software for complex embedded multimedia consumer devices such as wireless handsets, the company says.

Stride 2.0 aims to help developers test software earlier in the development process, before hardware and software components have been integrated. It comprises a graphical application suite for Windows-based development hosts, along with target components that can be deployed on actual, simulated, or “virtual” hardware, according to the company.

Stride 2.0 can be used to “remove” software dependencies, simulate new or missing functions, and capture internal software transactions or events. The program is said to let developers exercise code without writing test code; however, C and various common scripting languages can be used to automate testing.

Suggested uses for Stride 2.0 include:

  • Interactive testing during coding
  • Unit testing
  • Automated white-box integration testing
  • Continuous integration

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IBM tests cooling systems

Posted in Events and improvement,General by testing in London on October 28, 2006

IBM revealed that they are able to reduce the amount of heat given out by computer chips. The results of the research was announced at the BroadGroup Power and Cooling for Data Centres Summit in London.

This good news is tempered by the revelation that IBM expect chips to get hotter in the future, so new research has already been initiated to find new ways to reduce heat. They have already begun experimenting with cooling systems that use water rather than air.

Test Management Solution from OptimalTest

Posted in testing tool by testing in London on October 27, 2006

From Reed Electronics

OptimalTest has announced its new suite of software products, Test Management Solutions (TMS), a comprehensive, scalable, and universal software tool for the management of the entire integrated-circuit testing process, from pre-production to post-production.

OT-TMS delivers significant improvements in ROI for existing, installed test technology assets, according to Dan Glotter, cofounder and CEO of OptimalTest. Because OT-TMS is customizable, it can add considerable valuable and differentiation to a semiconductor company’s devices and process, no matter whether the company is an IDM, foundry, fables company, or assembly/test house.

OT-TMS addresses the challenges of test time reduction (TTR), utilization, yield, quality, and reliability, enabling measurable improvements in each of these five key areas. OT-TMS delivers seamless connectivity among the five OT-TMS modules as well as with a company’s business enterprise systems.

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Anthill Pro 3.0 delivers automation and performance testing

Posted in Automated testing,Load testing,Software testing book,testing tool by testing in London on October 26, 2006

From CM Crossroads

Urbancode is pleased to announce the release of AnthillPro3, our third generation Build Management Server.  AnthillPro3 is built around an embedded workflow engine and a GRID computing engine, making possible definition and automation of processes such as distributed builds, automated tests, promotions, deployments, and more.  These capabilities make AnthillPro3 the first Application Lifecycle Automation Server.

Usage scenarios detailing how to employ AnthillPro3 for various tasks including Continuous Integration, Deployments, and Performance Testing are available at

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Test suite for Wi-Fi

Posted in Software testing book,testing tool by testing in London on October 25, 2006

From Reed Electronics

In cooperation with the the Wi-Fi Alliance, Azimuth Systems has developed the AzCert Wi-Fi Certification Test Suite for Test Engine-enabled devices. Wi-Fi Alliance Authorized Test Laboratories (ATLs) will use the AzCert suite in conjunction with Wi-Fi Alliance software for product certification testing in accordance with the new Wi-Fi Alliance Test Engine architecture. Wi-Fi product vendors and semiconductor manufacturers can use the same tools to pre-test their devices.

In addition to providing some of the tools required to execute the methodology, Azimuth also offers Test Engine device developer tools. A device-validation tool performs a basic conformance test on every command in the Wi-Fi Alliance device specification. The Test Engine device developer tools currently ship with Azimuth’s basic certification package.

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Software bug changes time for Microsoft

Posted in Mistakes,Software testing by testing in London on October 24, 2006

From PC Magazine

Daylight saving time may come to an end early for UK users of Microsoft’s Exchange Server 2003 collaboration software.

The software giant said that it has issued a Hotfix for a bug that causes computers running on Greenwich Mean Time to set Exchange Server meetings ahead one hour during the last week of October.

The problem, according to Microsoft, is that a bug in the software causes the Collaborative Data Objects (CDO) software to set its clock for the end of daylight saving time on the fourth Sunday of October. This year, the Greenwich Mean Time will end daylight savings time on the fifth Sunday of the month.

The company added that users can download a fix, but the patch requires Microsoft Exchange 2003 Server Pack 2. The company suggests that users who are not severely affected by the problem wait for the next server pack release rather than installing the Hotfix, which is due to receive additional testing.

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The Complete Guide to Software Testing by Bill Hetzel

Posted in Software testing,Software testing book by testing in London on October 23, 2006

Book Description

Gain a new perspective to software testing as a life cycle activity, not merely as something that happens at the end of coding. This edition is completely revised and contains new chapters on testing methodologies including ANSI standard-based testing—a survey of testing practices. Dr. Hetzel first develops the concepts and principles of testing. Then he presents detailed discussions of testing techniques, methodologies and management perspectives.

Each chapter contains examples, checklists and case studies based on Dr. Hetzel’s consulting and management experience. These will help you understand the material and adapt it to your environment. Intended primarily for software developers, testers and managers, auditors and quality assurance specialists will find the book an invaluable aid for the development of testing standards and the evaluation of testing effectiveness.

Table of Contents: Introduction. Principles of Testing. Methodology. Testing through Reviews. Testing Requirements. Testing Design. Testing Programs—Testing in the Small. Testing Systems—Testing in the Large. Testing Software Changes. Testing Software Packages. The Role of Management. Organizing the Testing Function. Controlling the Testing Function. Putting the Pieces Together. Testing Practices Survey. Sample Testing Policies. Quality Measurement Diagnostic Checklist. Testing References.

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High Availability Application Development – Reaching and Maintaining that Goal

Posted in Events and improvement,Load testing,security testing,Software testing by testing in London on October 22, 2006

Siemens Insight Consulting regularly run management briefing seminars and they have proved to be an enormously popular forum for discussing the key issues and trends in business continuity, information security and risk management.

Our next seminar focuses on Application development and is being presented in conjunction with Acutest, the independent testing specialists. This one day seminar covers the management of the software application development process and will enable the delegate to ensure their organisations implement effective and appropriate management controls.

The development of application software to meet end user expectations, time and budget is complex and difficult to achieve. There are many reasons why application development projects seem to fail:

  • Incorrectly defined functional specifications
  • The relevant regulation and legislation is not understood and defined
  • Projects and suppliers are not tightly managed
  • Limited ability of the organisation to assess the solution against functional specification
  • The application availability (load, performance, security, resilience and disaster recovery) is considered only at the later stages of the project affecting budget.

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