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Software bug changes time for Microsoft

Posted in Mistakes,Software testing by testing in London on October 24, 2006

From PC Magazine

Daylight saving time may come to an end early for UK users of Microsoft’s Exchange Server 2003 collaboration software.

The software giant said that it has issued a Hotfix for a bug that causes computers running on Greenwich Mean Time to set Exchange Server meetings ahead one hour during the last week of October.

The problem, according to Microsoft, is that a bug in the software causes the Collaborative Data Objects (CDO) software to set its clock for the end of daylight saving time on the fourth Sunday of October. This year, the Greenwich Mean Time will end daylight savings time on the fifth Sunday of the month.

The company added that users can download a fix, but the patch requires Microsoft Exchange 2003 Server Pack 2. The company suggests that users who are not severely affected by the problem wait for the next server pack release rather than installing the Hotfix, which is due to receive additional testing.

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