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Empirix testing solutions introduced to Germany

Posted in Software testing book,testing tool by testing in London on October 31, 2006

From Market Wire

Empirix, which helps organizations adopt complex communications solutions with confidence, announced today that it has introduced its award-winning Hammer solutions for VoIP and IMS testing to the German market.

For more than a decade, Empirix has been involved in testing a variety of complex technologies before they hit the general market. Today, all of the world’s Top 10 Network Equipment Manufacturers (NEMs) and virtually all Next-Generation service providers use Empirix’s Hammer solutions to ensure the performance of their devices, networks and services. Over the years, the company has helped these customers successfully transition through all the large communication technology waves, including TDM, IVR, CTI, NGN, VoIP — and now IMS. In addition, Empirix has received numerous awards for its Hammer technology, including Product of the Year from Internet Telephony and Communications News magazines, and Product of the Year from research firm Frost & Sullivan.

Empirix’s Hammer portfolio includes:

  • Feature and functional testing for verifying new VoIP and IMS services;
  • Load and stress testing for guaranteeing network scaleability;
  • Infrastructure device emulation tools that enable multi-vendor interoperability tests;
  • Network simulation tools that mimic real world and worst case network conditions; and
  • Call analysis for diagnostics and troubleshooting in complex network environments.

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