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Largest information base for medical researchers completes successful IT and security testing

Posted in security testing,Software testing by testing in London on November 30, 2006

From VNUnet

The UK Biobank project has successfully tested its IT and security systems and completed its pilot phase, and is now ready for a full national rollout early next year. The project, to analyse genetics to help combat diseases, will become the world’s largest information resource for medical researchers, storing the health data of 500,000 volunteers.

Steve Walker, chief information officer at UK Biobank, says the pilot involved establishing a complete replica of how the system will function. With so many people involved, Walker says security of information is vital.

‘We are having to address security issues on many levels,’ he said. ‘At a data level, we are addressing it in terms of separation of identifiers and keys, and at a procedural level in terms of our standard procedures and who is allowed to access what.’

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WebLOAD test tool is now free for Open Source projects

Posted in Load testing,Software testing,testing tool by testing in London on November 29, 2006

From PRWeb

RadView Software, a premier provider of solutions for verifying the performance, scalability and integrity of business critical Web applications, today announced that it is supporting the development of high-quality Open Source software by providing every Open Source project with a free copy of WebLOAD, the company’s Web application scalability testing product.

“The Open Source Community has proven itself as a viable source for the development of innovative and cutting-edge software products and applications” said Ilan Kinreich, founder and chief strategy officer of RadView Software. We are certain that developers and testers alike will find WebLOAD a viable tool in assuring the scalability and integrity of their Open Source software and we encourage Open Source projects of all sizes to take advantage of our offer.”

Starting today, any valid Open Source Project can receive a free copy of WebLOAD by applying at With RadView Software’s WebLOAD, organizations can load and stress test the performance and scalability of their Web applications. Through testing, organizations gain confidence that their deployed applications will be able to handle the 24×7 demands of customer use. WebLOAD accurately simulates user behavior and predicts capacity requirements enabling it to report bottlenecks, constraints and weak points within an application before they cause downtime, loss of sales and most importantly, loss of customers.

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HP: Still looking for testing acquisitions in Europe

Posted in General,Software testing by testing in London on November 28, 2006

From CBR online

Having closed its $4.5bn acquisition of Mercury Interactive, Hewlett-Packard Co is on the look-out for further acquisitions to boost its software and/or service businesses, according to the company’s top executive in Europe.

The acquisition of Mercury effectively doubled Palo Alto, California-based HP’s software business, adding software testing and governance to its portfolio and pushing software revenue towards the $2bn mark.

The company will not rest on its laurels, however, as it look to more acquisitions to boost the newly branded HP Software, as well as HP Services. “We see very significant growth opportunities in software and services because of the relative fragmentation of those markets,” said Gill.While Mercury is a software business, Ian Curtis, director of software for HP UK, also maintained that it provides “a big opportunity to drive the services business in Europe” where Mercury has been relatively weak, as the company drives it business technology optimization message.

Apart from technology services opportunities from software acquisitions, HP is also looking at opportunities for pure services acquisitions in the emerging Eastern Europe market. This is an opportunity HP has been talking about for over a year, although it has yet to make a substantial services acquisition.

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Prolab testing suite is independently validated

Posted in Software testing,testing tool by testing in London on November 27, 2006

From Business Wire

Radvision®, a leading provider of video network infrastructure and developer tools for unified visual communications over IP, 3G, and emerging next-generation networks, today announced that its ProLab Testing Suite has been independently validated to support test cases selected by the GCF (Global Certification Forum) and the PTCRB (PCS Type Certification Review Board) for video telephony applications. With this validation, handset manufacturers can use ProLab to certify their devices for video telephony in accordance with the IMTC 3G-324M specifications.

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Microsoft help speed up software testing

Posted in Software testing by testing in London on November 26, 2006

From eWeek

Microsoft has unveiled a virtual hard disk test drive program, which allows customers to evaluate its enterprise software and products from its software partners in a fraction of the time it would normally take.

The software maker announced the new program ahead of VMware’s VMworld show, where it will give booth demonstrations of its application virtualization, server virtualization and virtualization management tools.

A Microsoft spokesman said “We expect more than 20 partners to begin distributing their software via the VHD Test Drive Program later this quarter, including Altiris, BEA Systems, Check Point, Citrix, CommVault, Dell, FullArmor, HP, Network Appliance, Platespin, Portlock, Quest Software, SourceCode Technology Holdings, Symantec and UGS.”

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Outsource testing say Embedded software industry execs

Posted in Events and improvement,Software testing by testing in London on November 24, 2006

From Design and Re-use

LONDON — More than half embedded software (ESW) executives say they outsource or plan to outsource many of their activities, including software testing, maintenance of ESW legacy code, and new ESW development due to a shortage in talent.

Interoperability testing across the value chain is a great challenge facing the industry say the execs but deep collaboration among partners during product planning and development addresses many ESW development challenges.

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When testing is not objective

Posted in security testing,Software testing by testing in London on November 23, 2006

From TechWorld

What a coincidence, you say, that three groups of people decided to test the same products – anti-phishing toolbars – at the same time. None of it. Phishing is high on the hype-meter these days, and anti-phishing is a selling point for the two new browsers – Explorer 7 and Firefox 2. It makes good sense then to run these tests covering every product in the market.

And that is what one group did. Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh tested all the main products and came to an extremely important conclusion: none of them were particularly good and they were all much of a muchness.

Compare that to the conclusion drawn by 3Sharp in its tests however. It concluded that there was a winner. One that was better than the others. And it was Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

There was also a winner in SmartWare’s tests. It wanted to make sure you knew that you are best protected from scam websites by Firefox. Firefox is best. Use Firefox.

It will come as no surprise to anyone that has worked in the IT press for long enough that the first survey was independent and that the second two were “sponsored surveys”. Sponsored by who? Why, by Microsoft and Mozilla respectively, of course.

The audacity of companies in trying to pull this sort of cheap manipulation is staggering, and it is getting worse as time goes on. There is now some bland kind of acceptance that such surveys, even though they are sponsored by the company that always “wins”, are still valid.

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HD TV testing successful

Posted in Acceptance testing by testing in London on November 22, 2006

From Tech Digest

The BBC, ITV, Channel 4, and Five, have issued a joint statement on their joint testing of free-to-air terrestrial high definition TV over a modified Freeview system. The trial, which began over 5 months ago, has been considered a technical success.

Approximately 450 London householders took part in the testing programme. Most now expect high definition content to be broadcast via Freeview (or equivalent free-to-air digital service).

Disaster recovery planning grows while shrinking

Posted in General,security testing,Software testing by testing in London on November 21, 2006

From ZDNet

While overall demand for disaster planning services surged after the atrocities of 9/11 and then again with the rush to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley, it is now cooling according to analyst firm Gartner. Although the number of companies aiming to put in place disaster recovery plans will continue to rise, the analysts report, the number of companies aiming to implement the most advanced levels of disaster and recovery planning is shrinking.

Fewer than 20 percent of enterprises will operate at Gartner’s highest level of disaster recovery management (Stage 3) by 2010, the analysts predict. At Stage 3, companies aim to have the business, partners and business processes fully integrated with the planning process for disasters, to have adopted a process of continuous improvement and to have implemented rigorous, regular testing of the plan.

Many companies, 45 percent, have a disaster recovery plan in place that qualifies as Stage 2, undertaking regular testing of a well-defined disaster recovery plan, said Gartner analyst Will Cappelli. Between 60 and 70 percent are likely to reach that stage by 2010.

As companies are implementing disaster recovery plans they will need to decide which applications are most critical to the business and the number of applications that fall into that category will continue to rise, Cappelli said. Currently, 10 percent of applications are considered critical and these tend to be applications that are business-facing and customer-driven. The proportion of applications in this category will rise to 25 percent by 2010. “The rise in the proportion of applications considered critical is one of the significant trends of the next few years,” he said.

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Managing the Testing Process

Posted in Software testing,Software testing book by testing in London on November 20, 2006

Testing book description

In this update of his bestselling book, Rex Black walks you through how to develop essential tools and apply them to your test project. He helps you master the basic tools, apply the techniques to manage your resources, and give each area just the right amount of attention so that you can successfully survive managing a test project!

Offering a thorough review of the tools and resources you will need to manage both large and small projects for hardware and software, this book prepares you to adapt the concepts across a broad range of settings. Simple and effective, the tools comply with industry standards and bring you up to date with the best test management practices and tools of leading hardware and software vendors. Rex Black draws from his own numerous testing experiences– including the bad ones, so you can learn from his mistakes– to provide you with insightful tips in test project management.


  1. Defining What’s on Your Plate: The Foundation of a Test Project
  2. Plotting and Presenting Your Course: The Test Plan
  3. Test System Architecture, Cases, and Coverage
  4. An Exciting Career in Entomology Awaits You: A Bug Tracking Database
  5. Managing Test Cases: The Test Tracking Spreadsheet
  6. Tips and Tools for Crunch Time: Managing the Dynamic
  7. Stocking and Managing a Test Lab
  8. Staffing and Managing a Test Team
  9. The Triumph of Politics: Organizational Challenges for Test Managers
  10. Involving Other Players: Distributing a Test Project
  11. Testing in Context: Economics, Lifecycles, and Process Maturity

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