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Performance Testing Milestone for Adabas on IBM System

Posted in Load testing,Software testing by testing in London on November 18, 2006

From Business Wire

Software AG today announced that its Adabas transactional database software has reached a new performance milestone in joint testing with IBM. Adabas 2006, running along with IBM’s recently introduced z/OS v1.8 operating system on the company’s new System z9 Enterprise Class mainframe, attained transaction speeds of approximately 320,000 per second – a record speed for Adabas on a commercial mainframe system.

During the trials, which took place at IBM’s Poughkeepsie, New York test center, Adabas 2006’s enhanced level of 64-bit virtual memory was used in combination with z/OS V1.8’s ability to support more than 128 GB of real memory in a single image on IBM System z (z990 and z9 EC) processors. During the testing Adabas 2006 ran on 32 parallel processors.

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