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Managing the Application Development Lifecycle Seminar

Posted in Events and improvement,security testing,Software testing by testing in London on December 5, 2006

Today Acutest and Siemens Insight Consulting are jointly presenting a seminar that focuses on application development. This one day seminar covers the management of the application development process and will enable the delegate to ensure their organisations implement effective and appropriate management controls.

The development of applications to end user expectations, time and budget is complex and difficult to achieve. There are many reasons why application development projects seem to fail:

  • The project was not delivered to time and budget
  • The application did not meet the requirements of the business or the users
  • Applications require some remedial work to make them fit for purpose
  • The application did not meet performance and availability requirements
  • The project consumed more resources from the business than you expected.

The seminar includes presentations by experts and practitioners, including a presentation from the Post Office on “Issues in Application Development Avoiding the Common Pitfalls”.

The event will take place on HQS Wellington in London.

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