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Test tool for e passports meets new international standards

Posted in security testing,Software testing,testing tool by testing in London on December 23, 2006

From Card Technology

HJP Consulting says its GlobalTester tool for testing electronic passports conforms to the new standard released by the International Civil Aviation Organization, the body that sets international travel document standards.

HJP parts 2 and 4 of the ICAO RF Protocol and Application Test Standard for E-Passports was released Dec. 13 and part 3 this week. The company says its GlobalTester product has been updated to conform to part 3 and that it will send updates to GlobalTester subscribers.

ICAO created the test standard in response to demand from passport issuers for a common way to test electronic passports that contain contactless smart card chips. More than 50 nations are said to be planning to introduce such e-passports, and smart card vendor association Eurosmart predicts 30 million to 40 million chip-based passports will be shipped next year. The United States alone issues more than 12 million passports annually, and U.S. passport officials say they expect to complete the conversion to issuing e-passports only by early 2007. (2006-12-22).

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