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NASA choose IBM Rational testing tools

Posted in Software testing,testing tool by testing in London on January 27, 2007

From Presszoom

Because separate space agencies from several different countries around the world are developing the software that will operate the Telescope’s Guidance, Navigation and Control ( GNC ) systems, Command and Data Handling ( CNDH ), and the Integrated Science Instrument Module ( ISIM ) that houses the four primary instruments on the James Webb Space Telescope, it was critical for NASA to weave a common thread throughout the project that would circumvent expensive and time consuming software issues.

To address this hurdle, NASA mandated that each agency develop their systems using open standards-based software from IBM. The software, called IBM Rational Rose Real-time, is a UML-based visual modeling development software that acts as a blue print for the entire multi-decade project, allowing the developers of the various Telescope systems to “drag and drop” software code directly into the blue print where it is then automatically available across the entire project.

Rational Rose Real-time helps these systems developers write applications faster without compromising quality. The IBM software continually verifies project quality along each step of the development process — including code generation, testing, debugging and ongoing changes — so that systems development stays on course and without error. This allows the many space agencies working on the James Webb Space Telescope to be more productive and able to deliver reliable code on time — meeting broader project requirements and industry compliance regulations. Some of the agencies working on the Telescope are also using IBM Requisite Pro, IBM Rational ClearCase and IBM Rational ClearQuest which allows them to synchronize changes within their globally dispersed project teams resulting in faster innovation.

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