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London Heathrow Terminal 5 begins final testing phase

Posted in General by testing in London on March 27, 2007

From NZ Herald
London Heathrow’s 4.3 billion pounds Terminal 5 is on track and budget to open in exactly a year’s time, airports operator BAA and British Airways announced today.

After a six-month period of testing, the country’s biggest free-standing building is set to open on March 27, 2008.

More than 90 per cent of the construction-related work is complete after more than 13 kilometres (8 miles) of tunnels were bored and 900-tonnes of earth moved.

Thirty thousand square metres (yards) of glass facade have been installed in the 40-metre high construction and the 18,500 tonne single span roof lifted into place over 11 months.

A six-month period of testing will begin in September, when more than 16,000 people will be recruited to act as passengers testing every aspect of the building, including car parking, check-in, baggage systems, IT systems and security.

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