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Empirix Launches QAZone for QA and IT Professionals

Posted in Load testing,Software testing,testing tool by testing in London on April 19, 2007

From Syscon Media

Empirix has announced today the availability of QAZone, a new online community that allows Web QA professionals to collaborate, communicate and address cutting-edge application quality issues. Visitors can get tips on methodologies, access test code samples and monitoring profiles, and obtain extensions to Empirix’s Web products, all while sharing their knowledge with others in the field through Empirix’s online forums.

Top QAZone features include:

  • a resource center containing best practices, code samples and test scripts, along with product extensions;
  • the ability to rate articles and authors and offer recommendations for new topics;
  • the opportunity to be notified as new content is added to a forum or category;
  • updates on Empirix product and industry news, as well as upcoming events; and
  • direct communication with Empirix experts within the forums.

Registration for QAZone is free and open to everyone. Anyone interested in joining can do so by visiting After registering, QAZone users have free access to the knowledgebase and resource center as well as the QAZone forums for Performance Testing, Test Management/Functional Testing, Performance Monitoring and Community feedback. While most forums are open to the public, special sections with detailed documentation are exclusively available for Empirix customers.

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