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The First Dynamic Test Bed

Posted in General,Software testing by testing in London on April 22, 2007

From Manufacturing Talk

What is presumably the world’s first tilting dynamic test bed for automotive and aero-engine development has entered service at Dr Schrick in Remscheid, Germany. Rapid tilting of the whole engine on the test bed enables the dynamic simulation of all forms of lateral vehicle acceleration in parallel with dynamic engine operation.

This new type of test bed was the result of cooperation between Dr Schrick , an AVL Group company, and Porsche AG.

The idea for this test bed originated in mid-2005, with technical acceptance testing concluded only 13 months later. Almost as though on a rally section, the engine is swung about rapidly.

This enables realistic test-bed demonstration of all tests, race track and off-road driving and even aircraft manoeuvres, all at an early stage of engine development.

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