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BT to test different version of Millennium

Posted in Software testing by testing in London on April 26, 2007

From e health insider

BT the local service provider for London is to develop its own version of Cerner Millennium for London, separate to the version of the system being installed and developed for use in NHS trusts across the South of England.

BT’s decision to de-couple London from the South appears to have been prompted by well documented problems at some of the five initial NHS sites to take Millennium in the South of England delivered by LSP Fujitsu.

The Millennium software has been chosen by Fujitsu in the South and BT in London as their means of delivering integrated care records as part of the £12.4bn NHS IT programme.

EHI understands the London LSP will not be re-writing Cerner’s software focusing instead on configuration and testing in London to deployment.

The first three sites pencilled in to get the London configuration of Millennium are believed to be Queen Mary’s Sidcup, Barnet and Chase Farm and Bart’s and the London, with pre-deployment testing now underway. The first implementation is scheduled to occur by the summer.

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