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Independent Evaluation Names Compuware the Leader in Software Testing Tools

Posted in Automated testing,Software testing,testing tool by testing in London on April 28, 2007

From SDA Asia

Compuware has been positioned as the software testing tools market leader by Ovum, an analyst firm. In the Ovum report titled, ‘Summary of the Software Testing Tools Evaluations’, the top-six test automation tools vendors were evaluated on scope of support and strength across all features. According to Ovum, the top test automation toolsets are now all part of a larger application life cycle management and/or quality management portfolio.

The Ovum model rates test automation support through the whole lifecycle including development, not just the late, independent QA test stage. “When balancing both the breadth of offering and the depth of the products, Compuware is the leader,” stated the report.

Compuware’s Application Delivery Management Solutions help IT organisations consistently deliver high-quality applications to the business. Compuware’s approach to application delivery builds quality and performance into the application from the earliest phases of the development life cycle. Using these powerful solutions, IT organisations can more efficiently and effectively deliver outstanding application quality to drive maximum business value.

In Ovum’s evaluation of Compuware, Ovum principal analyst, Paul Herzlich wrote, “Most of the industry’s test management tools provide very little support for test planning. Compuware’s ability to associate risk with tests, calculate optimum test resource usage and align test plans to business objectives remains unique among the major test automation vendors.”

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