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Complete Suite of Open Source Testing for Enterprise Applications

Posted in Software testing,testing tool by testing in London on May 1, 2007

From Thomas Net

TIBCO Software Inc. today announced that it has open sourced a high-performance test tool — TIBCO General Interface(TM) Test Automation Kit (GITAK) — to free developers from the labour-intensive process of quality assurance (QA) testing of enterprise asynchronous communications, JavaScript, and XML (AJAX) components and Rich Internet Applications (RIAs).

TIBCO is the first company to offer a comprehensive suite of proven enterprise-class AJAX RIA libraries, visual tools, and automated QA test cases and run scenarios. This allows developers and end users to more easily combine and leverage the powerful capabilities of a service-oriented architecture (SOA) with RIA technology.

TIBCO GITAK, which extends the popular Selenium Core test tool for Web applications, runs directly in a browser with your TIBCO General Interface powered AJAX application. TIBCO GITAK provides a fully automated solution that enables companies to create automated test cases and run scenarios to validate an application is performing as it should. Once a library of test cases has been built, the AJAX applications and changes to them can be tested with the push of a button, reducing the time and money required for quality assurance significantly.

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  1. Hari said,


    what are the features/functionalities that we test using tibco


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