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VeriWave Introduces Master Test Plan for Wireless LAN & Muni-Wireless Testing

Posted in Load testing,Software testing by testing in London on May 15, 2007

From Market wire

VeriWave, the leader in Wireless LAN (WLAN) functional and performance analysis systems, is introducing a comprehensive “Master Test Plan for Wireless LANs and Muni-Wireless Networks” to establish guidelines, best practices and baseline evaluation criteria for testing performance and scalability of wireless equipment. VeriWave developed the guide, the first of its kind in the WLAN/muni-wireless market, in response to growing demand from customers for a framework with which to plan, design, and execute comprehensive wireless testing.

VeriWave supplies WaveTest platforms, the industry’s most comprehensive and scalable test systems for wireless equipment, to network equipment vendors, enterprises and service providers, and recently opened the WaveLab high-end test facility in San Jose, California. In working hand-in-hand with leading equipment providers, VeriWave has amassed unique insight into wireless test challenges. The new 190-page Master Test Plan outlines the goals, procedures, and the expected results for thousands of unique test cases offering insight into the behavior and performance of wireless LANs, that has not been available to date.

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