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Successful Interoperability Testing for IPsphere

Posted in Software testing by testing in London on May 23, 2007

From Business Wire 

Avici Systems has announced that its Soapstone Networks has successfully completed interoperability testing of the IPsphere Forum (IPSF) “Service Structuring Stratum” or SSS. The IPsphere specification defines a software framework and interface set based on web services standards. IPsphere members-service providers, equipment vendors, and software developers have been working for two years to develop the specification. The SSS permits service providers to commission network, content, and processing elements contributed by other service providers. Soapstone demonstrated the ability to connect transport element abstractions to higher level business frameworks provided by other IPsphere member companies.

On May 22, 2007 Soapstone Networks contributed the test harness used to validate interoperability at the Berlin meeting on an open source basis to IPsphere. This allows all IPsphere member companies access to the test harness source code and to contribute their own enhancements.

With the completion of interoperability testing, the IPsphere specification takes another step toward being accepted as a requirement in service provider “ITTs” or Invitations to Tender. It is expected that in the future service providers will require vendors bidding on network equipment or software contracts to demonstrate IPsphere compliance as a condition of bidding.

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