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Testing performance enhancement on SAP solutions

Posted in Load testing,Software testing by testing in London on May 31, 2007

From Business Wire

Juniper Networks has announced the results of testing conducted in collaboration with SAP AG at SAPs Enterprise Services Community Networking Lab (ENL) in Palo Alto, Calif. The Juniper Networks WX and DX application acceleration platforms provided users up to a 99 percent improvement in network access times for SAP® solution-based transactions and reduced CPU demands on application servers by as much as 50 percent, while the Juniper Networks Secure Access SSL VPN platforms provided secure client-less access to SAP solutions for distributed and mobile users. Juniper Networks high-performance network infrastructure provides customers using SAP solutions with a responsive and trusted infrastructure that allows them to create competitive differentiation and improve overall business flexibility.

At SAPs ENL, the Juniper Networks solutions were tested in a series of real-world business scenarios in use with SAP solutions with transactions requiring interaction between multiple application components and data aggregation from multiple sources. The tested business processes were derived from the SAP Discovery Server offering, which is based on the SAP ERP 2005 application. A range of network conditions were tested with latency, bandwidth and other network quality variances, which can slow the response times for end users.

The Juniper Networks enterprise solutions were tested over simulated fractional T1 and T3 wide-area networks (WANs) with both low and high latency times. For data-intensive transactions over these four WAN simulations, the combination of DX and WX platforms improved user response times an average of 86 percent, peaking at 99 percent for a 5MB transaction of the Knowledge Management component of the SAP NetWeaver® platform over a 768 Kbps link with 300 ms of latency.

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