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Performance Testing on an Agile Team

Posted in Load testing,Software testing by testing in London on June 3, 2007

From Logigear

This two article series describes activities that are central to successfully integrating application performance testing into an agile process. The activities described here specifically target performance specialists who are new to the practice of fully integrating performance testing into an agile or other iteratively-based process, though many of the concepts and considerations can be valuable to any team member. Combined, the two articles will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to Integrated Performance Testing on an Agile Team
  • Understand the Project Vision and Context
  • Identify Reasons for Testing Performance
  • Identify the Value Performance Testing Adds to the Project
  • Configure Test Environment
  • Identify and Coordinate Immediately Valuable Tactical Tasks
  • Execute Task(s)
  • Analyze Results and Report
  • Revisit Value and Criteria
  • Reprioritize Tasks
  • Additional Considerations
  • Additional Resources

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  1. PM Hut said,

    This is a fresh subject on Agile development. Looking forward to the next article in the series, as well as a set of articles elaborating on each point above.

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