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Ixia Launches The 10GBASE-T Ethernet Test Capability

Posted in Load testing by testing in London on June 5, 2007

From Test and Measurement
Ixia, the provider of IP performance test systems, recently announced the first L2-7 tester with a 10GBASE-T Ethernet interface capable of testing 100 meter links. The recently approved IEEE 802.3an-2006 for 10GBASE-T is a standard to provide 10 Gigabit/second connections over conventional unshielded or shielded twisted pair cables.

Ixia’s new 10GBASE-T Adapter combined with the 10GE LAN Services Module (LSM) enables performance, scalability, and conformance testing of Layer 2-3 routing protocols with IxNetwork and high performance Layer 4-7 testing with IxLoad for products that are looking to conform to the new standard. The 10GBASE-T adapter features Solarflare Communications 10Xpress SFX7000 10GBASE-T PHY, a 100-meter reach, standards-compliant transceiver that supports installed and new copper cabling infrastructures.

“10GBASE-T presents an inflection point. The Ixia 10GBASE-T module is a critical and necessary first step in the industry’s ability to offer cost-effective 10GbE switches and NICs to customers and accelerate the 10GbE market,” said Bruce Tolley, vice president of marketing at Solarflare Communications. “Ixia’s test kit has been vital to our product development effort. All of the switch and server OEMs need standards-complaint test gear now for Layer 2/4 testing of their 10GBASE-T ports and NICs to meet their time to market requirements.”

“As with any new technology, testing plays a key role in bridging the gap between its promise and its reality,” said Victor Alston, senior vice president of product development at Ixia. “Ixia has been the established leader in the growth of Ethernet as a cost effective solution to increase productivity and to deliver new services. With the first testing capability for the new 10GBASE-T Ethernet transport standard, we look forward to helping foster the growth of this exciting technology.”

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