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Performance testing of FIX-based trading systems

Posted in Load testing,Software testing,testing tool by testing in London on June 9, 2007

From Business Wire

Aegis Software has announced the availability of their newest white paper, “Benchmarking Performance of Execution Management Systems (EMS)”. Aimed at providing insights into factors that affect performance, the paper focuses on the issues of throughput and latency in today’s millisecond-sensitive trading environment. The paper is available by request at the company’s website.

The paper explores several trade-offs that can positively and negatively impact performance including: algorithm development, deployment architecture, API interface, configuration considerations, application mix, message storage/retrieval, hardware, data access, programming languages and recoveAegis Software has been creating powerful, sophisticated and easy to use trading software and services for financial companies that demand performance, robustness, availability, and flexibility.

Aegis is the developer of Athena, an algorithmic execution management system (EMS) for equities, options, futures, and foreign exchange trading. In addition to trading solutions, Aegis testing products Exchange Simulator, Client Simulator and T3 are considered the industry standard for automated, regression, interactive and performance testing of FIX-based trading systems.ry/backup procedures.

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