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Testing Data Warehouse Applications

Posted in Acceptance testing by testing in London on June 15, 2007

From DMreview

There is an exponentially increasing cost associated with finding software defects later in the development lifecycle. In data warehousing, this is compounded because of the additional business costs of using incorrect data to make critical business decisions. Given the importance of early detection of software defects, let’s first review some general goals of testing an ETL application:

  • Data completeness. Ensures that all expected data is loaded.
  • Data transformation. Ensures that all data is transformed correctly according to business rules and/or design specifications.
  • Data quality. Ensures that the ETL application correctly rejects, substitutes default values, corrects or ignores and reports invalid data.
  • Performance and scalability. Ensures that data loads and queries perform within expected time frames and that the technical architecture is scalable.
  • Integration testing. Ensures that the ETL process functions well with other upstream and downstream processes.
  • User-acceptance testing. Ensures the solution meets users’ current expectations and anticipates their future expectations.
  • Regression testing. Ensures existing functionality remains intact each time a new release of code is completed.

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