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Perform stress testing with Hopper

Posted in Load testing,Software testing,testing tool by testing in London on June 17, 2007

From Windows for Devices

Mobile applications may contain hidden exceptions, hangs, and deadlocks that go undetected during the during normal course of testing only to reveal themselves in the customer’s hands. Stress and Stability testing is a valuable tool for finding these elusive, obscure bugs before they get into the field.

A lengthy, well-illustrated post on Microsoft’s Windows Mobile team blog shows how to perform stress testing with Hopper, a tool that randomly sends keystrokes and screen taps to the device. While Hopper is intended to test the entire device, the blog post points out that there is a way to force it to focus on a single application.

The blog post steps readers through a typical session with Hopper using a sample application provided with the Windows Mobile SDK (software development kit). Numerous screen shots illustrate each step. Additionally, the post points to a number of other resources for Hopper, including the Hopper Doctor Blog.

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