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Software testing and hiccups

Posted in Mistakes,Software testing by testing in London on June 23, 2007

Software hiccups from The Indy Star

Some problems that could have been avoided with proper software testing:

  • June 10: HBO’s Web site crashes after “Sopranos” fans log on to register complaints about the show’s abrupt ending.
  • May 16: Indianapolis Public Schools discovers a security glitch in its software that allows the Social Security numbers of as many as 75,00 students and 3,000 teachers to be accessible via Google.
  • April 17: The BlackBerry wireless e-mail service suffers outages across North America that delay the sending and receiving of messages.
  • Jan. 17: TJX Cos., which runs T.J. Maxx and Marshall’s stores, reports an intrusion into its computer systems that expose 45.7 million credit- and debit- card account numbers.
  • Jan. 3: A hacker breaks into the Web site and accesses personal information for 71,000 health-care workers certified by the state, as well as 5,600 credit-card numbers from Indiana residents.

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