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Testing solutions that support SAP applications

Posted in Software testing by testing in London on June 30, 2007

From MCADCafe

Worksoft, a provider of upgrade and testing solutions for use with SAP applications that validate end-to-end business processes, today announced the availability of Worksoft Certify 7.2. This solutions and Worksoft’s patented scriptless technology manage the impact and management of software upgrades, reduce the complexity of building automated test cases, minimise the impact on critical business users.

Worksoft Certify provides a single integrated platform for testing business processes across the enterprise without relying on time-consuming and inefficient scripting processes. Processes that span multiple technologies and platforms, such as .Net, HTML, JAVA, and even the mainframe, can be effectively tested in a single, seamless test process. This end-to-end view of testing business processes, combined with Certify’s unique “scriptless” approach to creating and maintaining test cases, makes Certify the ideal testing solution for business analysts, end users, and other business-process-related subject matter experts. Certify 7.2 delivers significantly enhanced usability, performance, and scalability capabilities to more effectively create and manage these large cross-enterprise tests.

Worksoft enables customers using SAP applications to more securely manage upgrades, deploy new software and save millions of dollars annually by empowering them to maximize the return on their original enterprise investment and minimize the risk of upgrades and installs. The Certify Interface and Worksoft’s Business Process Solutions extend Certify’s support for SAP solutions by providing predefined repositories of SAP solution-based best practices for all core end-to-end business processes. Since all process flows and objects within Certify are stored as individual assets with familiar names and business narratives, the best practices content can quickly be adapted to each company’s specific configuration through a simple drag-and-drop interface. Additionally, Certify 7.2 automatically provides easy-to-read test documentation that serves as a reusable resource for business-process training and reporting. The detailed audit trail of validations results helps ensure documented compliance of regulatory requirements.

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