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Manage the transition to agile processes.

Posted in Software testing by testing in London on July 3, 2007

From Redmond Developer

Companies that develop apps on the .NET Framework and J2EE platforms are more likely to use Agile processes, a new survey shows. Agile development, which is loosely based on principles outlined in the Agile Manifesto penned in 2001, are dev processes designed to get developers and business stakeholders to work together to adapt quickly to changing requirements. eXtreme Programming, Scrum and other Agile methodologies support short cycles of development that result in working software at the end of each iteration.

For development teams, this means more collaboration and face-to-face communication, unit and automated acceptance testing during the development cycle, and responsibility for “deliverables” every few days or weeks. The payoff, according to proponents, is a “self-organizing” development team, competitive advantages and higher quality software.

Test-driven development is another challenge for developers who are used to working on long development cycles with a series of drops to QA. “To try to get to ‘done, done,'” says Martens, “it means you need to be able to collaborate, write and run your acceptance test in a two-week cycle.” This is really hard for people who are used to building acceptance tests after they’ve got the code. Two techniques can ease the transition here. Developers can start to write a lot more unit tests, and they can develop acceptance tests in frameworks that don’t require having the software done, such as a GUI framework.

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