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Posted in Software testing by testing in London on July 7, 2007

From Interview with Rex Black at BCS

Forrester recommends that test outsourcing be done for quality gains, not only cost savings. Is this really possible when testers and end users are not under the same roof, let alone thousands of miles apart?

I believe it’s possible to have a combination of on-site and off-site services. Some parts of the testing process can be systematized, and it doesn’t matter where those parts are done. Other parts such as risk analysis and planning involve building a consensus, and should be done face-to-face.

I believe there’s a place in the testing world for people who don’t have a deep expertise in testing – handling those tasks which can be systematized – and this is another difference I have with some in the context-driven school.

I was initially very sceptical about outsourcing. This was grounded in fear – the economic consequences on my personal life. But then I thought about it more dispassionately.

Capitalism is a machine to maximize return on investment; for example by cutting costs. The wage differences between China, India or other outsourcing countries and the US is so big that capitalism will drive this industry through, over, or around any obstacles.

If you stand back and thoughtfully enumerate the obstacles, you’ll see they are all surmountable with patience and due care. I’ve been able to solve those outsourcing problems for past clients.

You can think of the wage differential as the locomotive of a train of change. As software and systems professional, each of us can choose to be on the train riding it to the next place in our careers in this field, standing in front of the train yelling stop, or walking away from the track to some other career in some other field.

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  1. Vijay said,

    As a member of a team doing outsourced project testing I can guarantee of my work done for Quality! Cost saving is another main factor. But before outsourcing you need to have complete idea of what is going to be outsourced and what not depending on your risk analysis. There are many companies in India or China that are capable of doing such quality work with their experience in the domain both by company and the staff.

  2. srinivas.B said,

    send me information on weekly interviews of software testing.

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