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IBM to buy another niche company

Posted in Software testing by testing in London on July 18, 2007

From Information Week

IBM said Monday that it has agreed to acquire DataMirror Corp., a Canadian provider of data integration technology, for $161 million. DataMirror develops data integration technology designed to move high volumes of data directly between relational databases, message queues, and other data storehouses. Its products are designed to work across mainframes, midrange servers, and mobile devices.

DataMirror’s technology will help IBM build products that allow for real time data integration, such as point-of-sale systems that instantaneously transmit sales information to databases at a retailer’s corporate headquarters. With such capabilities, businesses are better able to manage inventory and create sophisticated demand models. “Organizations need the ability to capture and use information in real-time to help them make better business decisions,” Goyal said in a statement.

IBM’s buyout of DataMirror continues a recent pattern that has seen the company acquire smaller, niche players to fill gaps in its software portfolio. Last month, IBM acquired Watchfire Corporation, a developer of security and compliance testing solutions, and Swedish development tool maker Telelogic.

The deal also highlights Canada’s growing role as a source of technology innovation. Earlier this month, Microsoft said it would open a software development centre in the Vancouver area. To date, the country’s most well known IT product remains the Blackberry PDA — produced by Waterloo, Ontario-based Research In Motion.

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