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Software developers keep testing onshore

Posted in Software testing by testing in London on July 26, 2007

From ITwire

86 percent of Australian and New Zealand software development organisations do all their testing at home, according to a survey.

The companies are a little more open to outsourced testing, with 77 percent saying all such work is done in house. The survey was conducted by Compuware, whose products include testing tools.

Most testing remains unautomated, with only seven percent of respondents automating more than 60 percent of their software testing, and 32 percent doing no automated testing.

“Organisations that can successfully automate a high proportion of their software testing will probably continue to test software in-house,” said Franco Flore, Compuware’s subject matter expert, application delivery management.

“Those that fall behind best practice, however, will be increasingly tempted to outsource or offshore at least some proportion of their software testing to achieve improved systems quality, quicker time to market and lower cost.”

To paraphrase Christine Keeler, he would say that, wouldn’t he? Still, vested interest and the truth can be compatible, and this writer would far rather see Australian software tested efficiently within the country than the task being sent offshore.

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