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Testing disaster recovery is critical

Posted in General,security testing by testing in London on July 27, 2007

From Wired  

And anyone who does this kind of thing knows that disaster recovery planning isn’t enough: Testing your disaster plan is critical. Far too often the backup software fails when it has to do an actual restore, or the diesel-powered emergency generator fails to kick in. That’s also the flaw with the emergency kit; if you don’t know how to use a compass or first-aid kit, having one in your car won’t do you much good.

But testing isn’t just valuable because it reveals practical problems with a plan. It also has enormous ancillary benefits for your company in terms of communication and team building. There’s nothing like a good crisis to get people to rely on each other. Sometimes I think companies should forget about those team building exercises that involve climbing trees and building fires, and instead pretend that a flood has taken out the primary data centre.

It really doesn’t matter what disaster scenario you’re testing. The real disaster won’t be like the disaster recovery testing, regardless of what you do, so just pick one and go. Whether you’re an individual trying to recover from a simulated virus attack, or an organization testing its response to a hypothetical shooter in the building, you’ll learn a lot about yourselves and your organization, as well as your plan.

There is a sweet spot, though, in disaster preparedness…

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    Good article: Hope to come back=)

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