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Smoke testing at a testing station?

Posted in General by testing in London on July 30, 2007

From Road Transport

A Vosa testing station in Thurrock, says it was told nothing about LGV smoke tests for London‘s Low Emission Zone until an operator contacted CM to complain about the confusion. David Newman says he downloaded information from Transport for London’s website about the engines that will need tests to prove they comply with the emission standard, but when he rang Purfleet testing station he claims no one had heard anything about it.

Newman  says he was also told the station didn’t have any Low Emission Certificates to give operators who run Euro-1 and 2 trucks but which reach the Euro-3 standard on particulate matter.

And he claims that when he rang a Vosa information line they didn’t know anything about the forthcoming smoke testing, due to start from 1 August, either. Newman says: “TfL is saying one thing and Vosa is saying another. They haven’t been informed. It’s just a sham.”

However, Purfleet station manager Kelly Freeman says it is not true that it was unaware of the smoke tests she says it has been kept up to date with information from TfL and Vosa.

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