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StackSafe Creates IT Testing Solution

Posted in Software testing by testing in London on August 1, 2007

From Venture Magazine

StackSafe Inc., formerly Revive Systems, Inc., a company that provides IT testing solutions, today announced the renaming of the company and the results of a sponsored study that found that six out of ten IT operations professionals cited changes to applications as the primary cause of downtime.

StackSafe’s software platform, in beta testing since June, allows companies to create a virtual copy of their application stack on a remote server. Changes and the introduction of new applications may then be tested for performance, functionality and security before going live on the system, giving IT operations a way to avoid expensive downtime.

“We are focused on enabling IT operations folks to make and safely test changes to their IT environment, before implementing those changes in the live environment,” said Loren Burnett, president and CEO.

Initial market research conducted by the company found that IT operations professionals are in need of cost effective ways of testing changes to their IT infrastructure. The company then created a product that would provide an alternative to the “patch and pray” method of changing or adding applications to a complicated system, Burnett said.

After a change is made to the virtual copy of the infrastructure within StackSafe’s system, a series of automated tests are run and a report created. The report expressly details what occurred to the system with the implemented change.

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