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SOA Test Methodology White Paper

Posted in Acceptance testing,Software testing,testing tool by testing in London on August 7, 2007

From Market Wire 

Torry Harris Business Solutions (THBS) have issued a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) white paper entitled “SOA Test Methodology.”

“SOA promises significant benefits to an organization’s operating efficiency and in the IT infrastructure’s flexibility in swiftly reacting to dynamic market requirements,” said Thiru Sivasubramanian, SOA lead and U.S. country manager for Torry Harris Business Solutions. “However, successfully delivering SOA benefits, especially as it relates to business agility and service reuse, will depend upon the test approach that an organisation adopts to implement SOA.”

THBS’ heritage in middleware, distributed computing and integration evolved naturally to become the basis of SOA methodology. The company works with a myriad of SOA product vendors and provides advice on the use of open-source software in SOA implementation.

The company’s new “SOA Test Methodology” white paper provides comprehensive guidance on best practices for testing SOA solutions. This document includes a review of the following topics that organizations need to address to ensure a successful SOA implementation:

  • What is SOA?
  • How is SOA testing different from traditional test approaches?
  • Why SOA governance is key and how to test its implementation.
  • What are the different test phases and test types in SOA testing?
  • Why does security and performance testing move from an end-of-project activity to one that spans the entire project life cycle?
  • Why does a SOA test approach demand an appropriate tool strategy and
  • what are the tools?
  • Aligning IT with business demands and understanding the criteria used to determine return on investment.

The “SOA Test Methodology” white paper is available to download at

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  1. Mamoon Yunus said,

    This whitepaper has good high-level content and is recommended for folks new to SOA testing.

    For details on SOA Testing see:

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