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Posted in Software testing by testing in London on August 8, 2007

From ET News

To improve the completion rate of project, software testing draws a lot of attention.  According to the related industry on August, 6th, the Supreme Court decided to spend the half of their budget for the project on software testing.

The Supreme Court is carrying out the project to establish the next generation registration system by designating the project operator and the half of budget for it would be spent for software application testing. It is the first time that the half of project budget goes for software testing, which was considered as a small part of final stage of project. This is because quality and stability by improving services that are implemented by public projects emerged as an important issue.

The Supreme Court focuses on software testing to make sure that the project for providing quality services would have any problems down the road, relieving inconvenience among the public.

As demand for high quality software increases, software testing in itself and relevant testing businesses for consulting, education and service sectors are also attracting huge attention.

As reflecting the attention to software testing, the Asian Software Testing Alliances (ASTA) conference, which is scheduled to be held in October, 2007 in Korea for the first time, is fully booked up.

IBM launched the consulting service for risk testing by working with a domestic software testing company. STA is working on developing an automatic testing tool for the first time in Korea as the tool is getting popular. Accordingly, an automatic testing tool developed by a domestic company is expected to be unveiled at the end of this year.

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