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Article on defects reproduction for software testers

Posted in Software testing by testing in London on August 10, 2007

From Webknowhow

In July release of SoftJournal, young specialists will find a very attractive piece of news – announcement of the 3rd annual contest IT Marketing Challenge, an enterprise, which opens a wide range of opportunities to them.

On the pages of the journal, owners of Web resources will find an effective means of protecting their brainchild from plagiarism.

A great deal of practical interest to professional software testers presents an article “Defects Difficult To Reproduce”. It offers 2 reasonable solutions to the problem of difficult-to-reproduce defects, which occur during software remote testing.

Furthermore, the column “Software Testing” has been enriched by a review of a new book by B.Bazer “Black Box Testing. Software and Systems Functional Testing Technologies”.

E-business owners and IT Service Providers will find really good news in the July issue of SoftJournal – flexible cooperation models, beneficial for them both, will appear in the foreseeable future.

One of the co-founders of the online magazine is a software development company Itransition, growth rates leader in the field of IT in Eastern Europe. “The launch of is not only a step forward in the development of the company”, comments Julia Mikheyeva, the Editor. “It is a demonstration of the high qualification of the company’s team and the evidence of experience, which allows them to share information of high practical value.”

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