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Testing Oracle with Intelligent Data Extraction

Posted in Software testing,testing tool by testing in London on August 11, 2007

From PRnewswire

Completing the total software testing cycle from keystroke to database, Original Software has unveiled its Intelligent Data Extraction capability which allows Oracle users for the first time test applications at the database level as well as the visual layer. This new functionality is part of the company’s flagship TestBench automated software testing solution.

The intelligent data extraction capability automates the creation and extraction of test data subsets from live databases, even from remote locations, with full reference integrity. This capability controls the state of the test data by taking checkpoints of the data set throughout the testing, whilst allowing developers to rollback the data to any prior checkpoint. This eliminates the need to build complex algorithms and external checks to make allowances for changes in the live data. It also protects data in the event of a program failure by restoring the data to its pre-test status.

These multiple data subsets can also be easily created for specific projects, reducing the size of data to a manageable volume and building test- beds based on highly targeted scenarios. The integrity of the data is automatically assured with upward and downward schema relationships.

The company’s complete TestBench solution for Oracle delivers a depth of coverage and confidence in testing that has not been available to Oracle database users until now, and extends Original Software’s existing support for data-driven testing which includes table update visibility, data validation rules, environmental roll back and pair-wise input scenarios, all of which are important elements of Original Software’s Total Testingapproach. Total Testing embraces every element of the test process from test data management, through automation of the visual layer, tracking server and database activity to audit ready reporting.

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