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Testing Tool for Agile Software Development

Posted in Software testing,testing tool by testing in London on August 18, 2007

From Linux Magazine

SolutionsIQ Inc., a leading provider of information technology services, consulting and staffing, has announced the launch of StoryTestIQ (STIQ) 2.0, an open source testing tool designed to create executable requirements for Agile software development projects. As a leading provider of Agile based software development services, STIQ complements the company’s service offerings and is now available to developers for broader use.

StoryTestIQ was developed based on two other open source testing tools, Selenium and FitNesse, combining the web browser-based testing facilities and command language of Selenium with the wiki-based editing and pluggable FIT fixture loading of FitNesse. STIQ 2.0 advances testing beyond user-interface scripting with new features including domain-specific language support, enabling increased productivity, and better team-to-client collaboration.

As part of the SolutionsIQ mantra “Build Integrity In,” and a dedication to Test Driven Development, StoryTestIQ is uniquely designed for cross-functional teams that are developing web applications for enterprise customers. With STIQ, developers have a definitive and executable view of the requirements for a specific iteration. StoryTestIQ can be used to record customer needs and negotiate acceptance criteria before a single line of code is developed. StoryTestIQ also can be used by traditional development teams to rapidly create acceptance and functional tests.

StoryTestIQ is a free, downloadable tool available online by visiting (

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  1. TestingGeek said,

    I am a big fan of both Selenium and FitNesse and using these currently. I have not seen this tool, but it will be interesting to see it working.. Couple of things that came to mind as I read this, can I use it as Stand alone FitNesse or stand alone Selenium as well ?

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