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Mobile Java Testing Services Expanded

Posted in Software testing by testing in London on August 22, 2007

From 3G

Complimentary to conformance testing according to the new GSMNA (GSM North America) test specifications CETECOM now offers quality tests for the Java platform in mobile communications devices.

These tests go beyond the conformance requirements of PTCRB and serve to test integration and performance of a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and its Application Programming Interfaces (API) in a mobile communications device.

In order to meet the individual needs of manufacturers, network operators and developers for additional quality tests as well as the new PTCRB requirements for mobile Java CETECOM has invested in Communology’s test platform mte (Mobile Test Edition).

This platform has been developed according to the PTCRB specifications as well as to the functional requirements of the carrier industry for mobile applications based on Java. The test environment for J2ME-enabled mobile phones covers five different fields: basic tests, security tests, network tests, performance tests and OEM specific API.

mte is in equal measure a conformance test system and a quality test tool. Thanks to this, the conformance tests which are required for entering the North American market can be combined with the additional carrier-specific tests on one platform so that the customer benefits from an optimised testing process.

A high level of automation of the user-friendly test environment combined with clearly arranged test reports allow the fast analysis of potential errors and an efficient defect management. As a result of this, the customer benefits from savings in terms of time, costs and resources

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