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Good SOA testing requires total business involvement

Posted in Software testing by testing in London on September 7, 2007

From Zdnet

A new study of 240 end-users found that some companies are taking a multi-pronged approach to the SOA testing and QA problem by incorporating automation in the testing lab and process change at the organisational level. These companies also involve business users in all phases of the software development lifecycle. The key is being able to look at multiple business processes during the testing/QA process, because that’s how SOA really works.

How can a company evolve into a best-in-class organisation when it comes to testing and QA? The leading companies “have attacked the problem from multiple angles,” Aberdeen notes. “It isn’’t enough to just deploy automation, and it isn’’t enough to simply rely on functional tests – QA for composite applications needs a horizontal, process-oriented view, not the vertical unit-test methods used in the past.”

Aberdeen notes that the typical best-in-class company gets business users involved in all aspects of quality.uses automation to increase test coverage, and sees quality as more than just an end-of-the-lifecycle task.

As a result of these best practices, 61% of the best-in-class companies saw a reduction in the number of defects discovered in production. By comparison, only 18% of the “laggard” companies could say they were able to reduce defects. Overall, 94% of the best-in-class companies reported an increase in the quality of deployed software, versus 17% of the laggards.

Best-in-class companies “are almost three times as likely as industry average and laggard organisations to have redesigned their entire testing process,” the report continues. “The best-in-class organisations have made the commitment to services-based applications and have retooled their key processes to reflect their new direction.”

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