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Crosscheck open source testing platform cited

Posted in Software testing by testing in London on September 8, 2007

From InfoWorld

While the landscape for rich Web development technologies is getting crowded, industry dignitaries at The Rich Web Experience conference in San Jose, Calif. Thursday nonetheless saw a place for the various entrants in this space.

Panelists also addressed the question of application software testing.

“Yes, testing is absolutely crucial, and as an industry, it’s something we have not taken seriously for the last couple of years,” Davis said.

“I think this is a space that the market realizes isn’t served really well right now,” said Ryan Breen, vice president of technology at Web performance tester Gomez.

The Crosscheck open-source testing platform was cited by panelist Stuart Holloway, co-founder of software developer Relevance.

The issue of tools for JavaScript was raised. IntellliJ, said Davis, “has got killer JavaScript support, and it’s got wonderful CSS support,” he said. But lately, he has been developing with the simpler TextMate tool.

“I’ve found that the overhead of a big heavy tool is less valuable to me than having something that’s easy for me to bring up, bring down, refresh,” Davis said. This lighter format seems to fit the Web development model, he said.

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