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Maintaining growth in a consolidating offshore testing market

Posted in Software testing by testing in London on September 10, 2007

From Express Computer

The major challenges that the offshore testing industry in India will face, according to Applabs, Aztecsoft and Wipro, primarily involve maintaining its current level of growth while allowing for consolidation in a mature market. Gangadharaiah feels that testing services is a people dependent business and the industry constantly faces a challenge in terms of recruitment to match growing business potential. The other significant challenge is retention of talent. Parulekar believes that maintaining the quality of deliverables without sacrificing growth will be a major challenge for the testing sector. He adds, “As customer organizations adopt newer development processes such as the agile methodology, offshore testing services organizations should come up with customized engagement models and methodologies which enable effective outsourcing. Also, testing companies in India should move into high-end and specialized services such as quality consulting, test automation strategy and development to differentiate their offerings from those of other vendors offering low-cost commoditized services.”

Testing is maturing and the challenges of consolidation are a major test that the testing sector faces today. The questions of survivability of standalone testing only companies and how testing survives the very challenges that are a result of offshoring will be answered only in coming years. Nevertheless, the substantial experience that testing companies have acquired is perhaps the best advantage Indian offshore testing has as a weapon in the coming struggle of consolidation.

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